Softball Season Comes to an End! SteadyCare Finishes Season with a 5-12-1 Record

Wakefield, MA: The 2nd season was filled with much excitement, losing 4 games in the final inning and surprising many of their opponents with much improved play from the previous season.

Marrissa Jenkins continued to be the team’s number one pitcher, however newcomer Megan Kelly did a tremendous job stepping in when Marrissa was not available.

Some of the highlights this season include holding the 3rd place team scoreless through 5 innings, losing in the final inning. During 2 games vs. the 4th place team, SteadyCare lost in the final inning by 1 run and forced an extra inning that resulted in a tie game. Games were also lost in the 7th inning to the 5th and 7th place teams.

Many contributions were made throughout the season by the following returning players: Marrissa Jenkins, Jennifer Murphy, Elizabeth Wiltshire, Laurel Ciavarri, Missy Boucher, Erin Siolda, Ria Jodrie, Maureen McGinness, Lauren Burgess, Nikki Bellefeuille, Anne Mingolelli, and Yvonne Zani.

The addition of the following players made a sigificant impact to the team’s success: Donna Corapi and her twin sister Deb McLaughlin, Michelle Salvato, Zelia Magliozzi, Laurie Gordon, and sisters Megan and Katherine Kelly.

Even though the season ended without earning a spot in the playoffs, the season was a success. Many of SteadyCare’s opponents knew they were facing a different team than last year.

The team was coached by Jeff Ciavarri who maintained a winning attitude throughout the season. He was very pleased with the results this season and expects to earn a playoff spot next year.