Article: Why Verify Attendance for Awake-Overnight Staff

Author: Yvonne Zani Wightman

Why verify attendance for awake-overnight staff? Because planes crash, people get struck by lightning, and awake-overnight employees fall asleep. People purchase insurance when flying and seek shelter during storms even though the odds of being in a plane crash or being struck by lightning are slim to none. But you can bet the odds are high when it comes to awake-overnight staff falling asleep during their shift…

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It’s Softball Season!

Author: Yvonne Zani Wightman

May 2017. The SteadyCare Owls women’s softball team has been gathering each year for some friendly softball competition with other local softball teams. An opportunity for women with similar interests and backgrounds to get together, the solicitation for players went out to former teammates, colleagues, and online bulletin boards. Continue reading “It’s Softball Season!”