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Our Culture

We are very proud of the team we have built over the years. People are important to us. We care about our customers, our employees, and our community. Caring is not an option, it’s expected. It’s all about balance: never take more than you give.

Caring is the very root of the culture that we share and have built our company upon. These are not written rules, they are attitudes and behaviors that we look for in our people. We continue to pursue the best in ourselves and in others as we move forward in this thing called life!

Our Team

Pattie Marrin


Pattie’s entrepreneurial drive grew out of her passion to solve problems. She launched her first business right out of college. When the public was first becoming aware of the dangers of lead paint, Pattie started one of the largest lead paint inspection and removal businesses in Massachusetts. In addition, she built a training school for public and private inspectors, developing the curriculum and running seminars throughout New England.

For over 15 years, as Partner & Chief Operating Officer of a telecommunications company selling business telephone systems and cabling services in New England, Pattie worked with both Telecom and IT operations. During her tenure there, she identified and implemented a department-wide CRM software program that was an end-to-end solution tying all aspects of the business into a robust, single application. The software allowed the company to better manage customers, increasing revenue, and integrating business functions. One of her passions was to create a great customer experience, as well as developing and cultivating a positive company culture and working environment for the people who worked with her. Her focus was “about the people.”

Pattie’s experience with telecom grew as the industry evolved from analog systems to digital and finally into IP platforms. The telecommunications industry was in the midst of a major transformation during that time and the once-separate worlds of Telecom and IT converged making it possible to steer the company in a new direction; to offer customers Managed Services Solutions in addition to their existing Telecom Systems. She navigated operations to meet new and diverse end-user market needs, as the company poised to offer newly blended and personalized services including everything from co-location to managed cloud, managed backup, and telecom services (including voicemail, e-mail, and instant messaging).

As the owner and manager of SteadyCare, she is currently focused on maintaining and strengthening its current services and solutions while embracing new communication and technological ideas. She continues with her “people” passion and strives to deliver both a great customer experience, as well as a positive working environment. She is an active member in the community and volunteers and supports many nonprofit businesses and individuals in a fundraising capacity.

Yvonne Zani Wightman

Account Executive

Yvonne Zani Wightman has been with SteadyCare since 2007. Prior to joining SteadyCare, Yvonne worked in the human services field for 16 years. She was introduced to the field during a college internship and worked closely with a woman with Down Syndrome. Upon graduating with a B.S. in Psychology, Yvonne began working with adults with severe to profound developmental disabilities in a day-habilitation program as an Assistant Program Director.

In 1995, Yvonne moved to another agency as Program Coordinator for a supervised apartment and two forensically involved homes. About eight months into this position Yvonne was asked to coordinate an after-school and respite program that had been struggling. Yvonne’s positive attitude and determination to overcome the challenges they were facing brought a breath of fresh air to the program. Yvonne’s initial focus was building a caring and committed team in order to provide responsible care to each child. It was during these years that Yvonne began to recognize the hardships many families encountered as they attempted to access supports for their loved ones, as well as the need for respite in order to continue caring for the children at home. In 2006, Yvonne worked for a Florida agency in an outpatient and residential setting where teens were court ordered to treatment.

Yvonne earned a M.Ed in Counseling Psychology in 2002 and began supporting adults with dual diagnosis as a Licensed Therapist from 2002 – 2006.

Yvonne was introduced to SteadyCare in 2007. She was intrigued and inspired by the benefits our service offered, and immediately began working with us as an Account Executive. Being an employee of SteadyCare has allowed Yvonne the opportunity to continue helping others and maintain connections within the human service field. She continues to create new relationships and stays informed with current industry trends throughout the country, as she delivers our service nationwide. Yvonne’s experience brings a unique understanding of the challenges employees and managers face working with multiple shifts as well as their responsibility to whom they deliver their service. Her perspective allows her to support our clients at many levels and helps drive enhancements to our service based on customer wishes, needs, and requirements. Yvonne is a people person, a problem solver, and is focused on a great customer experience, as well as keeping in step with industry requirements.

Yvonne is an active member of the community in both volunteer and supportive roles. She has run the Boston Marathon many times and in this capacity, as well as others, she continues to raise funds for multiple nonprofit organizations.

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