Features & Benefits

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Attendance Verification & Alerts for Staff and Individuals


  • Monitoring tool to enhance your existing supervisory methods
  • Low monthly rate
  • No software to install and easy to learn
  • SteadyCare provides independent third-party verification
  • Flexible reports that work for you


SteadyCare is there when you are not. We capture the staff’s attendance according to predetermined call schedule based upon your needs. We generate daily email reports so you can see what calls were made and/or missed, the associated time, and the person responsible for making the call. The reports are easy to read. You can also view the activity in real time through SteadyCare’s Web Portal.

The cost is affordable. There are no start up costs or implementation fees. You simply pay for the service use.

It does not require expensive hardware or software for you to install or maintain. It works with the technology you already have—the telephone and your computer.

SteadyCare reports contain complete data relative to the call-in activity of your overnight staff. It provides independent, verifiable results that you can trust.

All SteadyCare reports can be modified to meet your company’s specific needs.