Why SteadyCare

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We help you promote safety and accountability for staff and the individuals you support.

Attendance Verification & Alerts for Staff and Individuals

Management of one or more individuals, at one or more locations, at the same time throughout a complete shift is a difficult task. We offer you a management tool that helps you know with confidence the location and attendance status of individuals who work or live at remote locations.

  • Stop worrying – know that your people are at their designated location, on time, and still there.
  • Sleep better – know that your awake-overnight staff is still awake.
  • Eliminate guesswork – from overnight shift monitoring & remote management. We verify the attendance and location of your staff and individuals.
  • Ease of use – for you and your employees with minimal training.
  • Save money – because added equipment and software is not necessary. You can check in by telephone, mobile app, or the Web.
  • Reclaim your time – you and your supervisors can be busy doing other things instead of checking on employees.
  • Easy access – information at your fingertips with our online management portal.
  • Refresh procedures – with our system, there will be no more:
    • Dreaded spot checks at 2:00 am.
    • Clogged voice mailboxes with check-in calls.
    • Phone calls to see if your staff or individuals arrived.
  • Peace of mind – no more endless nights wondering if your loved ones or clients are being cared for.
  • Anytime, Anyplace – always on 24/7/365, because your clients, staff, and loved ones are too important to leave anything to chance.
Who benefits?
  • Group Home Agencies:  Rest easy knowing that your staff arrived, is awake, and still onsite.
  • Home Care Assistance: Know that your staff arrived and completed their shift.
  • Users: Checking in lets your supervisors know you are okay. Feel safe and secure knowing that someone will be notified if you miss a check-in.
  • Loved ones: Be worry-free knowing that your family and friends’ care provider is onsite and awake.
Why is our check-in suite the best?  It’s in the features!

It’s easy: You can be up and running quickly, there is no extensive training needed. Simply call by phone or access our Website and check in from there. Our system is simple to use because we designed it to work with the technology you already have—telephones and computers, and it can be used anywhere in the country.

It works: How many times have you invested in a solution and found it too hard to use and maintain so you abandon the technology? That will not happen with SteadyCare because it does the work for you. It’s easy to roll out and easy to use, so people use it. You will not lose money on training and you will get “buy in” from the people using the system. Read our testimonials or ask us for references and see for yourself.

Alerts: Our breakthrough technology with unique Alert features will notify you or your designated individual(s) if a check-in is missed. These are real-time and potentially life-saving notifications. You no longer have to wonder if a check-in was made—we’ll let you know instantly when they are missed!

Reports:  You can quickly glance at users’ check-in activity and see reports showing user, time, and location information. Our Reports feature can be automatically generated on a schedule of your choosing or viewed in real-time from our Web portal. Your data is generated by us as an independent third party, which can contribute to both internal and external compliance and accountability requirements.

Safety and Accountability:  Feel safer knowing an extra layer is in place protecting your staff and the people you support. Prevent incidents that result from staff absences with our state-of-the-art check-in system. You can spot patterns and identify situations that you did not know existed. You will know who is and who is not doing their part, and that is rewarding for the person doing the right thing! 

We help staff stay awake

Overnight staff members brag that the hourly check-ins help them stay awake! An awake and onsite staff means increased safety for the individuals you support. Everyone benefits with less worry when awake-overnight staff is not asleep while on the clock.

It’s customizable

We realize that all situations are not identical—we can customize this service to fit your needs. You can check in with us or we can check in with you. Get reports daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all—you can also access and download your reports online at your convenience. You can check in with any device at anytime. Talk with us about your unique needs. 

We do the homework so you don’t have to

Are you juggling too much? You don’t have to look to see who is missing—we will tell you when they don’t check in. We can call them if that is your choice. Go about your business and let us handle the data. Simply tell us your needs and we will make it happen.

Users feel safe knowing they are never left unattended

Have you experienced working a shift in a remote location when you were alone? It’s not easy to be by yourself for hours on end thinking that nobody knows your status. With our check in system your supervisor will know that you are okay at predetermined intervals during your shift. If they do not hear from you, someone will be alerted.

SteadyCare works

We are more than an attendance verification system. We have an unique Alert feature that outshines them all. If your people do not check in as required, you can be alerted in real time. No more guessing and no need to read through lengthy reports and piles of data—we will let you know right away. 

Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions?
  • Are you tired of your awake-overnight staff sleeping on the job?
  • Are you frustrated with systems that don’t do enough?
  • Are you out of compliance?
  • Are you unsure that your remote staff is where they are supposed to be?
  • Are you worried about your remote staff when they are alone at night?
  • Are the individuals you support reporting that your staff is sleeping or missing?

Don’t wait for an incident to happen before you act. Be one step ahead—be proactive. If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us for a consultation today.