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Attendance Verification & Alerts for Staff and Individuals

Our products and services are used primarily in group homes and home healthcare environments around the clock and is ideal for monitoring awake-overnight shifts, remote workers, individuals receiving limited support, and more.

We offer multiple access methods: check-in using a home telephone, mobile app, or the Web. Manage your account with our Web interface and see activity in real time.

Check-in Plus
Check-in Plus

Check-in Plus

Our Check-in Plus system for verifying attendance of staff and individuals you support is an easy way to manage remote individuals. With our reporting and unique alert features, you will know when someone does not check in at the time and location where they are expected to be. It is an innovative, customizable, cost effective, and reliable system that can be accessed by home telephones, mobile phones, or via the Web.

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Features & Benefits

  • Time management tool—we keep track of your remote staff so you can use your time more efficiently.
  • Low monthly rate
  • No software to install and no extensive staff training
  • SteadyCare provides independent third-party verification
  • Flexible reporting plans that work for you

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Check-in Plus