Check-in Plus

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Attendance Verification & Alerts for Staff and Individuals

Check-in Plus

Our Check-in Plus system for verifying attendance of staff and individuals you support is an easy way to manage remote individuals. With our reporting and unique alert features, you will know when someone does not check in at the time and location where they are expected to be. It is an innovative, customizable, cost effective, and reliable system that can be accessed by home telephones, mobile phones, or via the Web.

We provide easy-to-read and detailed reports showing you from whom, when, and where calls are made, as well as any missed calls. These daily reports can be generated and sent to numerous recipients at predetermined times. In addition, we can alert any number of people of these missed calls via telephone, email, or text. We also provide this information in real time through our Web Portal, allowing you to view activity at your convenience and make administrative changes to your account.

Safety and Accountability. Anytime, Anyplace.

Safety and Accountability is not just part of our slogan, it’s our passion—it’s the very principle we established our business on!

Anytime, Anywhere—we are always on. Check in with us at any time of day and from any location you choose. We proudly serve all 50 states and are available 24/7/365!

Always on

Anytime, Anywhere—we live where you live—we are awake when you are not!

Your clients’ welfare is too important to leave anything to chance. That’s why our check-in service is always on! With Check-in Plus you are in control of your offsite staff and the individuals you are responsible for. With our call-in service, you’ll instantly know if all your remote employees are awake and taking care of your clients. We are so certain that we will solve the challenge of properly monitoring your remote staff, we offer you a free trial.

Check-in PlusEasy check-in system

Our service is easy to use with minimal training. It’s as simple as picking up the telephone, dialing our number, and entering a PIN. We do the rest of the work.

We offer multiple access methods: check-in using a home telephone, mobile app, or the Web. Manage your account with our Web interface and see activity in real time. Click on the reports you want and determine the kinds of alerts to be sent and to whom you would like them sent to. Be alerted in one or multiple ways when calls are missed. You can customize the service—there are many features. We will work with you to design the solution that best fits your needs.

Data shows you:

  • Who checked in
  • Location of check in
  • Time of check in
  • Missed check ins
  • And more

Who uses us?

SteadyCare was originally developed for human service agencies with awake-overnight staff, individuals receiving limited support, and maintenance staff.

Our flagship product has evolved into a system that is now used in additional settings such as home healthcare, nursing, retirement community, security, utility, and more.

  • For agencies, Check-in Plus can help you rest easy knowing that your staff is awake and onsite.
  • For users, checking in will help you feel safe and secure knowing that the Check-in system will issue an alert should a check-in be missed.
  • For loved ones, know your family and friends are protected, freeing you from the constant worry about their well-being.

Why use us?

To promote safety and accountability for individuals and staff living and working in a variety of environments.

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