SteadyCare is…

Attendance Verification & Alerts for Staff and Individuals

SteadyCare is a company that offers a service that verifies the attendance and location of staff and individuals you support using a check-in system that can alert you when they do not check in!

This can be done at one or many locations simultaneously without the need of a supervisor visiting sites. We do this with a check-in system that tells you who checked in, the location of that check-in, and the time of that check-in. Our system lets you know with certainty if your people are where they are supposed to be, at the time you designated, if they have completed their shift, and if they are awake during overnight hours. If your people do not check in when they should, you get alerted in real time. Situations and environments are not always identical, and there are many more added features that can be customized to fit your needs. For example, we can make wake-up calls.

Management of one or more individuals at one or more locations, at the same time and throughout a complete shift, is a difficult task. We offer you a management tool that helps you know with confidence the location and attendance status of individuals who work or live at remote locations. You can get check-in information in real time by accessing our Web portal for a comprehensive view; and be notified by phone, email, or text for those instances when a check-in is missed and you simply want an alert.

Who uses us?

Residential homes with awake-overnight staff, agencies with remote workers, Individual Support Services (ISS), work enclaves, day support facilities, residential schools and programs, individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI), home care services, nursing services, senior living services, maintenance, transportation and security personnel, and in independent living situations.

Our check-in suite is the perfect solution for when you can’t be there. It can be used anytime of the day or night to provide that extra level of safety and security for the individuals in your care. Check us out and check-in with SteadyCare!

SteadyCare addresses concerns such as:

Staff sleeping, shift abandonment, tardy arrivals, early departures, safety, staffing compliance, and peace of mind.

Our mission:  Safety and accountability for staff and the individuals you support.