SteadyCare Announces 2018 Silver Level Business Membership with Massachusetts Based ADDP

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What Does Dementia Mean?

Source: A Place For Mom
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You’ve probably heard the term “dementia,” but you may be uncertain about what it means. A fair amount of confusion and misconception surrounds the term. The media, and even some in the medical community, have increasingly begun to use the word “dementia” as a synonym for Alzheimer’s disease.

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A Geriatrician’s Advice on Sleep Problems and Dementia

Source: Senior Living Blog A Place For Mom

Sleep problems are common in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. They are also a common source of tension for family caregivers, because when your spouse or parent with Alzheimer’s doesn’t sleep well, this often means that you don’t sleep well.

To make matters even worse, not getting enough sleep can worsen the behavior and mindset of someone with dementia.

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Montessori: The New Science Behind A Century-Old Methodology (Part I)

Source: Learning and the Brain
Author: Austin Matte

Maria Montessori described observing children in a traditional classroom as being tantamount to an entomologist observing dead insects pinned to a board, “where the spontaneous expression of a child’s personality is so suppressed that he is almost like a corpse, and where he is so fixed to his place at a desk that he resembles a butterfly mounted to a pin” (Montessori, 1967b).

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ANCOR Statement on President Trump’s Budget and the AHCA CBO Score

Source: (ANCOR)—American Network for Commmunity Options and RESOURCES

A budget proposal is much more than a financial blueprint—it is a statement of values and priorities. That’s why ANCOR is deeply concerned and disappointed that President Trump’s first full budget proposal makes dramatic cuts to essential programs that empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work and fully participate in their community.

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Senior Citizens – Beware of Medicare Scam

Source: Debby Triffletti,
Lynnfield, MA Senior Center


Starting next year, Medicare will be issuing new Medicare Cards to all seniors. The reason for this change is to remove your social security number from all cards and to issue a unique Medicare ID for each senior, thus keeping your social security number secure. Once this change happens, all new cards will be mailed directly to you.

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Wikipedia Defines Sleeping While on Duty

Source: Wikipedia

Sleeping while on duty or sleeping on the job refers to falling asleep while on the time clock or equivalent, or else while responsible for performing some active or passive job duty.

While in some jobs, this is a minor transgression or not even worthy of sanctioning, in other workplaces, this is considered gross misconduct and may be grounds for disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment.[1][2]In other types of work, such as firefighting or live-in caregiving, sleeping at least part of the shift may be a part of the paid work time.

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