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A better solution for managing your overnight staff.

When you subscribe to SteadyCare, you know with certainty:

  • That your overnight staff members are awake
  • Who is calling in
  • From where the calls are being made
  • It takes the guesswork out of monitoring your overnight staff.

How does SteadyCare work?

By using technology you already have — phones and computers.

Overnight staff members are assigned a personal ID number and are instructed to call in at regular intervals (on the hour, for instance). If call-ins are missed, you are alerted within fifteen minutes by a text message to your cell phone or by email. In addition, at any time, day or night, you can log on to your account for real-time reports.

Philadelphia Insurance insures you against damages. SteadyCare helps ensure damages don’t happen.

Since we believe that this is such an important service, we are partnering with SteadyCare, which is offering a 20-percent discount on its already low rate.

Take advantage of a free trial.

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