It’s Softball Season!

Author: Yvonne Zani Wightman

May 2017. The SteadyCare Owls women’s softball team has been gathering each year for some friendly softball competition with other local softball teams. An opportunity for women with similar interests and backgrounds to get together, the solicitation for players went out to former teammates, colleagues, and online bulletin boards. There have been many changes to the team since its inception, but the core team is still going strong under the coaching and management of husband + wife team Jeff and Laurel Ciavarri.

Founded in 2005 by Yvonne Zani under a different team name, the SteadyCare Owls founder and Laurel first met while working together for a large nonprofit organization in Massachusetts. Soon Yvonne made an announcement to her colleagues that she was looking for players, and Laurel enthusiastically responded, “Sure, I’ve never played the game but why not, I can learn.” Laurel’s great analytical and organizational talents found her not only improving in her softball skills year after year, but landed her the role of team manager alongside her husband Jeff. For the last 11 seasons, Jeff has volunteered his time to coach the team with his determination to finish strong each season and with great passion and strategy.

When Yvonne joined SteadyCare in 2007 as an account executive, SteadyCare began proudly sponsoring the team, and the team in turn changed its name, becoming known as the SteadyCare Owls.

The consistency of key players returning every year, having the best pitcher in the league, and the determination and excellent coaching has all paid off, earning the SteadyCare Owls a reputation of being a major competitor.  We invite all to come cheer us on as this could be the year our team wins it all. Be sure to watch for season updates starting in June.