Making Great Strides in Overnight Monitoring

Peabody, MA: SteadyCare, a leader in monitoring awake overnight staff, is a call-in and reporting service developed for human services agencies that face the daily challenge of monitoring their awake overnight staff. With the use of such procedures as 2 a.m. spot checks, clogged voicemail boxes and sleepless nights of just plain wondering, SteadyCare’s call-in service provides complete assurance that overnight staff is on the job, awake and alert.

Recently, Alice Flynn, the mother of a diabetic son who is in a residential home, experienced SteadyCare’s service for monitoring awake, overnight employees with overwhelming results.  “I am thrilled with SteadyCare’s overnight call service.  The system has given me great peace of mind, knowing that my son is receiving the care he needs during the night.  Waking him in the middle of the night to check his blood sugar levels is critical to his diabetes management. I know he and the staff are feeling much more comfortable with this dependable, on time, overnight care.  I searched everywhere for a system like this, and other families should know there is help out there!”

SteadyCare has been innovative in the continued effort to maintain the commitment of safety and quality assurance that their clients deserve day and night. Being in the forefront of overnight monitoring, SteadyCare offers a system of checks and balances that will ensure proper and timely monitoring for overnight staff. The system features real-time reporting, no software to install, independent third party verification, web-based reporting and an immediate notification of missed calls.

For more information or to set up a 20 minute demonstration on how this service works, please call 1-866-578-3239.