How It Works

SteadyCare takes the guess work out of monitoring your awake overnight staff

No more dreaded spot checks at 2 in the morning.  No more clogged voice mailboxes with check-in calls.  No more sleepless nights of just plain wondering.

With SteadyCare’s call-in service, you’ll know in real-time if all your overnight employees are awake and alert taking care of your clients.

Our system is simple to set up and simple to use. SteadyCare is designed to work with technology you already have – the telephone and your computer.

Here’s how it works.

Every overnight staff member is assigned an ID number. Each night, employees are instructed to call a specific 800 number, enter their personal ID code and state their name at regular intervals, for instance on the hour (12 am, 1 am, 2 am) or the half-hour.

After each call, the information is posted online to your SteadyCare account. You can log on at anytime to see the calls that were made and who made them. The system records the date, time the call was made, ID number and location of the phone.  This is repeated for every call.

What happens if a call is missed?

If a call is later than 15 minutes, our breakthrough technology will notify a supervisor by email, text message or a call to the home in question.  Now that’s real-time reporting!

In addition, any report can be emailed or downloaded from our Web site. The reports can be sorted by ID number, group home or call-in times.

Even if you supervise a staff of a dozen, you can tell at glance how each staff member is doing.

Why use SteadyCare?

Your clients’ welfare is too important to leave anything to chance.
With SteadyCare you are in control of your awake overnight staff.

We are so certain that SteadyCare will solve the challenge of properly monitoring your awake overnight staff, we are offering a 30-day free trial.

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