Kevin McCullough, CEO, Delta Projects, Inc.

“We began contracting with SteadyCare in early 2016, to augment overnight awake monitoring at our higher risk settings. We’ve seen immediate benefits, particularly from the immediate, escalating alert feature. This enables us to assure intervention in real-time, rather than awaiting follow-up reports. This system enhances our ability to assure vigilance in the absence of direct supervisory presence.”

Alice Flynn, Parent of group home resident

“SteadyCare is working beautifully! It is bringing unbelievable peace of mind to our son and to us. Several times a month, now, he needs intervention to prevent a low blood sugar diabetic emergency during the night and SteadyCare’s dependable service helps staff to discover that and intervene before a serious problem occurs.

Thank you so much.”

(Watch their story here)

SteadyCare’s Attendance & Verification System: Alice & Billy’s Story from SteadyCare on Vimeo.

Robert Stearns, former Bridgewell CEO

“I believe that the use of the SteadyCare product has significantly reduced the risk associated with operating community-based residential services for individuals with disabilities.

Since the first day we started using SteadyCare, we have had a higher degree of confidence that our staff is awake and working during the night. SteadyCare provides us with comprehensive reports and accurate information at a very low cost. This system is wonderful!”