SteadyCare Announces New Time and Attendance Solution powered by iEmployee

SteadyCare is pleased to announce our new partnership with iEmployee. This new partnership will allow SteadyCare to offer a reliable time and attendance solution designed to provide organizations with an automated way to track time, payroll, and attendance.

Yvonne Zani, Account Executive/Project Manager, recognizing the need for a reliable time and attendance solution, is excited to be able to offer this product to both current and future customers.

SteadyCare’s monitoring call-in reporting service and time and attendance solution are software-as-a-service delivered products, fully hosted with no software and hardware to install. Both are web based and easy to use.

“We feel that being able to offer a reliable and time and attendance solution complements our primary focus for monitoring staff and will further enhance the value SteadyCare brings to the human services industry,” said Phil Clifford, CEO of Sentenia Systems.

To learn more about SteadyCare and how you can reduce costs and ensure employee productivity by using SteadyCare’s new time and attendance solution, please contact Yvonne Zani at 1.866.578.3239.